Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo #28 (compilation)

Can you believe today is the last day of February?
Where did the month go?

I started this project 28 days ago,
as a way to keep me busy shooting with my camera
during the bleak winter month of February.

Marty probably won't miss this whole have-to-post-everyday thing...
"Honey, I know it's midnight. I have to get this post up. Just go to bed without me!"
not the healthiest words for a budding marriage.

But I will miss it.
And because of it, I'll still be posting often.
Because this blog has truly become my journal (albeit, slightly censored).
Thanks for following along with me :)

My last photo is a compilation of the photos I've taken this month.
(By the way, have you ever combined all the pictures you've taken in a month onto one page?
I totally recommend it!
The whole time, you'll be going, "What? I did that this month? Seriously?!")

So, this is my February 2009:

Happy Weekend!


Joy said...

Your February looks prettier than my February. Or maybe I should just learn to take pretty pictures of February.

alyssa writes loudly said...

My socks are totally blown off right now. Actually, they're not. They're on my feet, but figuratively, they are. I am serious, now. Love it!

marcia tumminaro said...

great job sherah! i think my favorites are the one of the window (bottom left), and the sepia one of the two people walking (bottom right). both of them have great texture and depth! way to go!