About me...

My name is Sherah.
It's pronounced like "Sarah," but with a "sh" at the beginning. "Share-uhh."

I love Jesus. I'm spending my life trying to know Him better, and to show His love to other people.

I also love Marty {my husband}. He's fun, and funny, and basically a dream of a guy. We fight sometimes, and it's usually my fault. {And he lets me win, anyways.} Marty dreams bigger, loves better, and thinks deeper than I do. I'm so thankful to be married to him.
*gush*  :)

And then there's Charlie {or "baby chaw-lee," as his bff's, Robbie and Braedon, call him}. I love him, too. Like crazy, of course. He is chubby, and a happy, smile-y baby {unless you try and leave him in the church nursery. I think someone told him that an evil witch lives down there who gnaws off baby toes.}. Also, if his nose is running and you wipe it too many times, he will try to bite your fingers. Be warned.

I love words, and I love photography. Hence, this blog. I take pictures for fun, and sometimes I get paid for it. You'll find those pictures here. You'll also find normal stuff, imperfect stuff. Because my life is normal {mostly}, and imperfect {very}. It's fun to look back and see the journey.

A few of my other loves {in no particular order}:
my family
the church
travel {by car, preferably}
good quotes
being a mom
john 3:16

If you really want to know more about me, invite me out for coffee, or better yet, ask me to invite you in. I've got a wicked-good french press, and a pretty mug with your name on it.