Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo #27 (and "be inspired.")

Dear me.

Whenever I'm lacking photographic inspiration, I take a look at your blogs. Artsy, practical, crafty, whatever. I skim, and click, and poke, until an idea pops into my brain. Your blogs are therapy for my thirsty mind. So thank you :)

Today at Photojojo, I came across another incredible resource: the photographic dictionary. It's a collection of random words and photographs to accompany them... but the photographs reinterpret the words, usually from an entirely different perspective. Poke around and see what I mean.

It's really beautiful, and it makes me think about how I can see words differently, or look at something from a different perspective.

For example...


Eh, maybe it needs some work. But regardless, you get the idea :*)


stay tuned for tomorrow's photo-a-day wrap up. it's sure to blow your socks off.

actually, I have no idea what I'll be posting about tomorrow.
hopefully, it will be of sock-blowing-off proportions.


Rochelle said...

This was sooo funny to me. When it first came up, I thought that was um, interesting. But you need to know it took a minute or so for the picture to load. So for me literally nothing came up. I thought it was quite odd for a photographer to make her photo of the day... um, nothing. Hmmm. So that sure got me thinking! I scrolled back up again after pondering for a bit, and then was quite surprised to see a nice colorful picture. It made my day and made me giggle!! :) I know you didn't mean for that to happen, but I found it quite ironic anyway. :)

Ready for the blow your socks off post tomorrow, yeehaw!

Erin_Speziale said...

Aw this makes me miss Sugar. lol