Saturday, September 18, 2010

: Christine and Kevin :

Marty and I had SUCH a great time shooting this wedding! Like I said in my last post, Christine is Marty's cousin {their families go way, waaay back}, and so about a year ago, when Chris and Kevin asked us to shoot their wedding, we were totally excited... but we had no idea what to expect {as in, how would life be with a 7-month-old? flying in an airplane? getting our gear to Massachusetts? logistics? Bueller?! ha!}. But, I'm so stinkin' glad we got to do it!

Chris and Kevin are such an awesome couple; they're both really fun, really happy, really {really} competitive, and really {um, reallyreally} stinkin' smart {as in, I'm pretty sure I was surrounded by doctors all weekend long. this little English major felt a tad bit in over her head!}. The day before the wedding was a little crazy {since Hurricane Earl gave Chris a couple of heart-attacks...}, but the wedding day was sun-shiney-gorgeous! Everyone made it there on time, and everything went off without a hitch... besides a big gust of wind that made the cutsie flower girl panic :)

First look... Kevin's reaction was the best... he just scooped her right up :)

Beautiful bride!

Good-looking groom :)

See the way he looks at her? Yep. He adores her.

Alrighty. As far as first-kisses go, I give theirs a big fat TEN. Definitely had time to take about twenty shots {all different, recomposed. as in, i had plenty of time to move my camera all around... and they kept going}! WELL DONE ;)


Here's their awesome bridal party... their dear friend was the officiant, and did such a great job... and the speeches were so sweet and hilarious! What a blessing, to be surrounded by such an special group of family and friends on your wedding day :)

Mr. & Mrs.!

Aaaand the reception... these people knew how to dance ;)

{****click here for the slideshow!****}

p.s. a few side notes:
1. editing a wedding is fun. and hard. and harder with a 7-month-old. i will now go to sleep for a month.
2. in the slideshow, i got the wedding party "jump" shot idea from the very talented Beth Laurren ( please go check out her blog--she's amazing!
3. i heart chris and kevin's families. they are such wonderful, hospitable people, and i'm a little sad that most of them live 3,000 miles away.
4. i won't ever shoot a wedding without Marty. he's the only one who would put up with me calling him "bag boy" and taking the better lenses all the time. seriously, i couldn't do it without him. he is incredible.

the end :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

accidentally {in} Concord, Mass.

This weekend, we're in Massachusetts! Marty's beautiful cousin Christine is getting married, and we have the honor of shooting her wedding. Chris and Kevin are tying the knot on Saturday, but we showed up today to scout out the area, get settled in, and eat as many whoopie pies as we possibly can. {I'm pretty sure they originated in New England. pure, confectionary amazingness!!}
On our way out of Boston, we accidentally found ourselves in Concord. And wow. and wow. and wow. and wow... for a literary nerd like myself, this town was unbelievable. Not only did the Revolutionary war start there, but some of America's incredible, incredible writers are buried there! Henry James Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne... can you believe we just "happened" to drive through this place?!

It was also our little guy's first plane ride... he did really well {really, really well, actually!}, but the minute he hit the hotel bed, he was all smiles :)
Happy Labor Day weekend!