Monday, March 2, 2009

an ode to disappointing endings and horrible calls.

Hello bloggy friends.

I have a heartbreaking story to tell you.
You may not find it as terrible as I do, but feign sympathy for my sake, ok?


It was a weekend of two's for this hockey family.

Two siblings, both extremely talented.

Two do-or-die situations.
(My brother was playing for the AAA Illinois state championship, and a shot at nationals;
my sister was playing college hockey in Minnesota for the MIAC playoffs.)

Two really, really close games.
(One in Illinois. One in Minnesota.)

Two game-defining goals.
(My brother scored the game-winner with 2 minutes left in the 3rd;
my sister's goal put her team on the board halfway through the game, 2-1.)

Two referees on power trips.

Two goals that were disallowed, both for bogus high-sticking calls.
(If you know anything about hockey, you know that high-sticking is a ridiculously subjective call.
Hence, the refs-on-a-power-trip statement.)

Two games lost.
Both hinged on the same goal, taken away by the same exact call,
by two different referees, 600 miles apart.




I must admit...

I wanted to jump the ref in the parking lot. Attack him with my air horn.

And anyone who knows me is now lying on the floor, dying from laughter.

'Twas a tragic weekend.


Rochelle said...

Wow. That is unbelievable!!

And yes, rolling on the floor with laughter picturing you hunting down the refs to blow your air horn at them.... ;)

Veronica said...

I would have totally helped you take those refs! We could have at least followed them to their cars and slashed their tires as they were driving away... ;)

Sherah said...

Ah, Veronica, good call! Tire-slashing is much less confrontational ;)

alyssa writes loudly said...

Wow! That makes me want to cry! But God must not have wanted, for some reason, those games to continue. Because Anna and Luke are so following God in everything, and it's too random that those calls would be like that. Oh, i miss those kids. Seeing you brought joy to my heart! love!