Friday, July 6, 2012

mike + leslie :: engaged

Hi everyone. 
Want to see a cute couple?
Meet Michael and Leslie.
Mike likes hockey, Leslie likes basketball. Les is a huge, ginormous Beatles fan, and Mike has this incredibly contagious laugh. Mike comes from a big Italian family that has a giant seafood dinner every Christmas Eve (my mouth waters every time Leslie tells me about it). Leslie comes from a big Slovak family that eats oplatki at Christmastime and carefully keeps some very beautiful family traditions. They got engaged last year at Niagara Falls -- at night... while the falls were lit up... with a guitarist playing their song... really! -- and they're planning a wedding next summer that'll blow your socks off. I'm really excited for them, and watching them together makes me smile a whole lot.

So here's a quick story for you: Back in the middle of June, Chicago temps were happily camped out in the mid-90's, and things were pretty bearable. I remember feeling a little hot, and texting Leslie: Still on for tonight? She, being the sweet, considerate person she is, said something along the lines of, As long as you are! ...probably referring to my [very] pregnant self. So we went ahead with it... and wowee, I'm really glad we didn't put the session off longer. (For all you out-of-towners, Chicagoland is currently baking in a 100+ degree oven. Someone turn the heat down, or throw some waterballoons at me, please.)


Leslie is beautiful.
The end.

...and check out Mike and Leslie's slideshow below! (or ***Click here to be redirected***)