Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo #25 (and ash wednesday humiliation)

We're nearing the end of this photo-a-day journey. I've learned that (1) there's not too much to photograph in Chicago, in the dead of winter, and (2) that last statement shows I have little appreciation for beauty in anything, unless it's green, flowering, and bathed in golden sunshine. Pitiful. But more on that at the end of the month.

*slightly embarrassing story alert*

I grew up attending a non-denominational Bible church. Meaning, we weren't associated with a particular denomination. I was unfamiliar with many of the practices of the broader church (confession, the celebration of lent, first communion, etc.). In other words, although my parents never discouraged it, the strict observation of lent was never practiced in our household.

In other words, I thought that most restaurants had "Fish-Fry Fridays" because perch just happened to go on sale that day.

So, one cold February Wednesday, imagine my confusion when one of the girls on my hockey team shows up to practice with a giant smudge on her forehead. I mean, come on. It looked ridiculous. What's the natural thing to say to her?

(You can see where this is going.)

"Um. You have something on your forehead."

Thankfully, I don't remember her response. I do remember wanting to melt into the floor, pronto.


*Marty took this, SOOC. Nice, huh?


marcia tumminaro said...

i thought the same thing the day of one of adam's surgeries (which so happened to be on ash wednesday). it was at st. alexian brother, and there were a bunch of nurses walking around with what looked like "+" signs on her forehead. (and i mean GIANT and thick!) i was both confused and amused.

Erin_Speziale said...

Don't feel bad, I would probably have done the exact same... oh poor us non-denominationers, who know absolutely nothing about Catholic tradition. haha! For my mom's birthday we went to Buca DiBeppo's, and there was 2 flags sitting the table, we knew one was Italy... easy... but the other one we were totally stumped! So my dad asked the waiter what it was, and he looked at us, this huge, Italian family, and he said, (while trying to hild a smile back) "Vatican City". OH MY GOSH DID WE FEEL STUPID!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!! I mean, what the heck, I didn't even know there was a Vatican City flag!

P.S. Tell Marty good job on the picture! :) I'm really going to miss this photo-a-day series. :(

Rochelle said...

Aww, sad. I'm reallyyyyy going to miss your photo-a-day series. The pics are always interesting, whether it's personal or just random stuff, it's been really neat to see what you're thinking about, viewing, or what's going on in your life. I've so appreciated it and I've been so excited every day to see what's up on your blog!!!! (really!!!)

With that said, I grew up in a strict Baptist church, grew up around a lot of Catholics, but have no clue what mark on the forehead you are referring to... hm.... maybe I was always around the misbehaving ones. ;)

I don't blame you for what you did--I would have done the same thing! You were such a sweetheart to let that girl know she had something on her head. You didn't know. It's okay. :)

Sherah said...

Ah. Well, at least I'm in good company! ;)

Roe and Erin, I'm still going to try and post everyday (or almost everyday!). I'm just afraid of blog burnout :)