Wednesday, February 18, 2009

confectionary genius

My new thing these days? Cupcakes.
For real, some of these little beauties are so stinkin' simple, and yet absolutely incredible!
(...Others are ridiculously complicated-looking.
You can actually do this kind of stuff with sugar and flour?)

The pictures are linked to the websites I grabbed them from.
Click away, and enter a world of confectionary whimsy :)

And finally, ice cream cone cupcakes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
Have any of you ever made these before? I think I had them at a birthday party as a kid (and actually, I don't think I liked them. They were too dry or something... My six-year-old self obviously didn't appreciate the aesthetic perfection of such a beautiful creation.)

*My photo of the day is still coming, by the way. I had some technical difficulties last night (i.e., I was totally exhausted). Had I attempted to start a blog post, my words would have been nonsensical, and it would have ended with me snoozing on the keyboard. And probably drooling. So, three cheers for a good night's sleep ;)


Rochelle said...

Thanks a lot. Now I'm hungry. ;)

Katie Newman said...

Apparently you need to visit

in downtown Chicago- it's very fun...and open until like 1am if you're having a late night downtown :)

Sarah Stride said...

So lemon cake is one of my favorites, so I've made lemon cupcakes a few times. I've yet to find the finishing touch that I'd like for on top, those little tiny lemon sugary candies. Just like this!


For now I settle for yellow confectioners sugar. I do recommend lemon flavored cake and vanilla frosting on top. The lemon frosting on top of the lemon cake is a bit too much lemon.

Edward Baumgarten said...

Wow! That looks soooo sweet!