Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo #16

I thought we were going to Minnesota to watch a hockey game, go shopping, and drink coffee... but it just so happened that we took our trip the weekend my beauuutiful sister got engaged!

Steve proposed on Valentine's Day (Anna's favorite holiday), and the ring...? A heart-shaped diamond. Absolutely perfect, if you know my sister ;)

You'll be seeing more of these two around here in the weeks to come!


marcia tumminaro said...

awwwww!!! well, congratulations to THEM!!! :) that is such an adorable engagement photo!

Sherah said...

oh gosh, thanks Marcia... it was taken in a dark restaurant, so their love-bird faces make the picture what it is ;)

Erin_Speziale said...

Awwwwwww! Sooo cute! YAY! Another wedding! I love weddings. :) Look at their faces!!! Haha was that taken in Chino Latino's?

Sherah said...

Erin, Chino Latino it was! Steve was rather annoyed... this was our tenth try or something like that!

"I love weddings. Drinks all around!" HAHA!

Rochelle said...

Awww, so great!! Congrats to her! And she could pass for your twin! :)