Tuesday, February 24, 2009

give yourself away.

Nathan, a friend of ours, recently returned from a 6-month stay in Cambodia. He was there working with Hagar International. The organization's mission statement: "Restoring abused, exploited, and abandoned women and children to life in all its fullness through quality holistic healing, community reintegration and social entrepreneurship."

Nathan is just a college student. He's a business major, and he wants to serve other people. So he went to Cambodia, slept in a flooded house, ate bugs, and hand washed his clothes for six months. He couldn't communicate with his host family, he was isolated, and during those six months, he was spiritually, physically, and emotionally challenged.

But he helped people. He showed them love. He taught women who had been neglected, abused, trafficked, and ignored how to survive on their own. He used his knowledge to help others live better, more fulfilling lives. He showed them who Jesus was.

Nathan used what he knew to help other people.

His story challenges me.

How am I doing the same?

P.S. One way Hagar helps women is by providing them with employment.
To take a peek at some of the things that these talented ladies are producing, click here.

Also, here's a video Dateline produced. It reveals some of the gross injustices that Hagar is fighting against.

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