Thursday, April 23, 2009

fancy shmancy lenses (and their interpretations)

As promised, here's a quick peek at two of the lenses I'll be shooting with this weekend:

70-200mm 2.8 IS

This is a telephoto lens, perfect for shooting at long distances. It's great during a ceremony, and I really like to use it as a portrait lens, too. Because this is such a fast lens, when the focus is dead-on, images are creamy-smooth. Yum :)

{One drawback: this lens is heavy. I get a backache from carrying it around for two hours straight, which means that right after the wedding, a long shoulder rub is definitely in order!}

I last used this lens as a second-shooter; it's great for catching quick, happy moments from a distance, particularly when you're not right up on top of all the action:

16-35mm, 2.8

Ohhh my, I'm so very excited to shoot with this lens, too! It's a wide-angle lens, which means that it's great for capturing an entire scene with one shot. This weekend's wedding calls for a ton of group shots, and this pretty puppy should be able to help me out in that arena quite nicely!

We'll also be shooting with my favorite: the 50mm 1.4 (see a picture of it here). It's great for details, portraits, anything... I shot Anna and Steve's entire engagement shoot with this cutie patutie, and given the price-tag, it's not a tough buy for most photographers.

We've also picked up the Gary Fong lightsphere, a flash diffuser that should come in handy, since the venue is fairly dark inside. It kind of looks like a giant tupperware bowl, strapped to the top of your flash... but it gets the job done!

And, if you read to the bottom of this post... wow, thanks! Your love for photography probably helps you endure my silly ramblings ;)


Rochelle said...

thanks! :) blissfully enthralled with that stuff :)

Rochelle said...

Hey, I know you're away having a blast at that wedding, but I wanted to leave you another comment to let you know I tagged you on my post today. :) Hope you don't mind, but I think they're so fun, and wanted to know what you'd say. :) So, no pressure to participate but I really wanttttttt you to! :) Hee hee...