Monday, April 13, 2009

adventures in house hunting

The front looked good.

Cutsie bungalow. Sturdy porch.
Open floor plan. Sunny windows.
Galley kitchen. Crown molding.

The back did not.

Sagging roof?
Approx. $10,000 repair.


Goodbye pretty bungalow.
I could already see myself cooking eggs in your charming kitchen,
hanging a frothy chandelier in the breakfast nook,
sitting on the flagstone patio, drinking coffee.

But reason has spoken
(softly, from my husband's whisper,
loudly, from my dad's protests).

romantic idealism
is not the best trait to have
when shopping for a fixer-upper.



Georgia B. said...


sorry. i know how it is when you get your heart set on something and better judgment wins.

you will find something even better. this is just a stepping stone. :)

very creative writing in this post. i like it!

Sarah Stride said...

oooooh house hunting! so excited for you!

Rochelle said...

hee hee hee :) you're so cute... I hope the house hunting gets better... one piece of advice; don't look at 75 houses in 9 1/2 weeks... yes, I speak from experience. you'll find the one you're looking for, just be picky and don't settle for houses with $10,000+ repairs to them. your marriage deserves less stress than that would surely bring. ;)

Edward Baumgarten said...

Is that the house your going to buy? You need help.

Just kidding, well no i'm not! Ha! Ha! Ha!