Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Recent thrift shop finds:

And dinner in a pot:

I'm tooting my silly little horn today, only because you all know the truth: due to our rigorous schedules, dinners in the G-family household have recently consisted of leftovers from generous relatives, or boxes of nutritious macaroni and cheese.

On the menu tonight? Garlic chicken with a pinch of paprika.

Take that, Martha Stewart.



Edward Baumgarten said...

That look so good, It probably was good.

Georgia B. said...


you got that chair at a second hand store?

i'm uber-jealous! it's fabulous!

i went to a thrift store today, too. and i hit the jackpot. gonna post about my finds on Jorjah-B.

Erin_Speziale said...

Sweet Sherah! Oh! That chair looks wonderful! :) Nice work! And oooh Marty is a lucky man! Garlic chicken with a dash of paprika! That is amazing :)