Tuesday, April 7, 2009

random weekend shots

This weekend began with a delicious dinner-date, complete with red wine, ice cream, and cupcakes. Perfect, right? But it ended with a nasty migraine on Sunday night. (At least the two weren't flip-flopped, hmm?) My eyes couldn't handle the harsh computer-screen glare for the past 24 hours, so I spent most of my time in bed with a pillow on top of my head. Marty, will you cover up the alarm clock? Marty, can I have some water? Marty, don't you think a new pair of Jimmy Choos would make me feel better?


I'm back now, and ready to share some recent shots with you!

My favorite of the weekend:

Beautiful shot, taken by her photographer-daddy (get the 50mm 1.4, Luke!).

Me and the birthday girl!

We celebrated three other birthdays this weekend. Two were milestones:

And a beautiful eight year old:

Camera stolen = result. I like it :)

Taken just after this brand-new one year old devoured two hot dogs. Holy cow. He looks happy!


CZ said...

It was great to see you this weekend. You and Marty should take a trip down to see us sometime!!! Love you!

Erin_Speziale said...

I can definitely see how a new pair of Jimmy Choos would be great cure for headaches....

HAHA! These pictures are so great! And, I can't honestly tell you what my face is doing in that picture, I have the unfortunate tendency to move my mouth RIGHT as the picture is being taken... hopefully you'll kick that right out of me. ;)

Georgia B. said...

great pics! i love the first one. it has wonderful light.

Edward Baumgarten said...

I am the cookie monster that downed to hot dogs!

Edawrd Baumgarten said...

Sorry I'm out of wack.
I spelled it with one o!!!