Friday, April 3, 2009

bear hugs + chocolate cake

Every day, on my walk to and from work, I pass by a dry cleaners shop. The owner is a tiny asian lady; I try and smile at her in the mornings, if I can catch her eye, but she's usually busy, hunched over her sewing machine.

One afternoon, on my walk home, I saw a lady getting out of a car in the dry cleaner's parking lot. Her car's license plate said "KissNHug."

I watched the woman walk into the cleaners, drop her laundry on the counter, and smother the little asian lady in a giant bear hug. They laughed, and talked, and smiled.

This little scene made me smile. Because sometimes love is subtle, quiet, unexpected... and other times, it rolls up in a big white SUV, grabs you by the middle, and squeezes your guts out.

Today, I'm all for the squeeze-your-guts-out kind of love :)


This blog has been a bit devoid of friendly faces; pretty landscapes are nice and all, but there's nothing better than a real human face. I'll try and do better! In the meantime, to get things started... here's a shot of Marty and I from last weekend, cutting our year-old wedding cake. (And, contrary to popular belief, it was ridiculously delicious--we're actually eating the last of it as I type. mmmm....)

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Rochelle said...

awwww, that's so sweet! i will have to come see you in a bit and give you a great big bear hug! :) what a good reminder.

and what a lovely pic of you & marty. you guys are just way too cute!! ;) i'm glad you loved your cake!! ours was amazing the day of, and disgusting a week later. a story for another time, perhaps... glad you liked yours. :)