Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If you're a follower of photography blogs, you've probably noticed that 'tis the season for blossoming photos galore. Everyone has spring fever, myself included! Here's my own single contribution to the magnolia craze, along with some sweet shots of two beautiful young ladies:

Aren't they lovely?

Happy spring!

p.s. Check back tomorrow for a few snapshots of the mouthwatering gear I've "temporarily obtained" (read=rented) for this weekend's wedding. In other words, a nerdilicious photography post is on the way!


marcia tumminaro said...

Oooooo...rental gear, how fun! (i was so jealous of the 70-200mm you had at david and rachael's wedding!)

well, good luck this weekend!! :)

Sherah said...

Thanks, Marcia!

Oh gosh, I know. I love holding the 70-200 in my hands, and thinking, "I could buy a small car with this..." haha!

Erin_Speziale said...

I LOVE magnolias! They're "soo beautifullll" (in the words of Kara). lol. Aww Ali and Shibion (yeah, I have NO idea how to spell it, I know there's a "b" somewhere close to the front, but that just looks wrong!) look gorgeous!!!!

Georgia B. said...

i took magnolia shots yesterday! can't wait to post some. the more the merrier!

who are the lovely ladies?

Sherah said...

Georgia--my sister, and a 2nd cousin (once removed, or something like that!), visiting from Ireland :)