Friday, March 20, 2009

Anna and Steve : engaged!

Sunrise. Coffee... (remember this?)

First, a story.

Since Anna and Steve met at college in St. Paul, I first encountered Steve on Facebook. We clicked on his profile, and up popped a big head of curly black hair. I then commenced my big-sister-Facebook-stalking: "He likes coffee? He's in a band? Wait. He plays the mandolin?"

Anna fell for this curly-headed mandolin player from Minnesota, and while it sounds cliche, I really don't think they could be any happier. I mean, come on. Steve makes Anna lattes with frothy hearts floating on top. It doesn't get any better than that ;)

I've been off-and-on editing these pictures all week. At long last, here are some shots from Anna and Steve's engagement shoot last Saturday. They were good sports and got up at sunrise with me... it was a chilly, below-freezing-tempatures morning, so while they may look all warm and snuggly in their short sleeves, picture me behind the camera, rockin' it out in a parka and handwarmers.

Isn't my sister beautiful?! Steve is quite the lucky guy...


Click here to see a slideshow of the shoot!

And... p.s. happy first day of spring!!


Georgia B. said...

so good! what a photographer you are! you have captured wonderfully their joy. these are really great, Sherah!

congrats to your sis.

happy spring to you, too!

CZ said...

You and your sister(s) are amazingly beautiful inside and out!!!

alyssa writes loudly said...

Wow! Those are so amazing! Great job! They're so beautiful <3

Erin_Speziale said...

I LOVEEEEEEEE the last one! :) These are "soo beeeauuuuuuuutiful!" ;) haha.

marcia tumminaro said...

sherah, these look GREAT!!! and i LOVE your image branding.

you're such a rock star! ;)