Friday, September 2, 2011

what do your mornings look like?

Afternoons are a toss-up.
You'll find us
visiting friends,
grocery shopping,
popping in at Grandma and Grandpa's 
{both sets live within 15 minutes of us},
perusing vintage furniture at thrift stores,
playing with trucks and trains,
going to the park,
folding laundry,
attempting to cook dinner,
etc. etc.

But mornings around here are more consistent.
Here's what our mornings usually look like:

I try hard to read the Bible before Charlie wakes up.
Marty usually leaves for work fairly early.
And then, over the monitor, I hear squawking.
I head down the hall, and find this:

We eat breakfast in the kitchen.
{Note the banana in one hand, momma in the other hand.}
Also, note the little foot, stepping on mine.
It's like he's saying, "Don't go anywhere, Mom. Seriously. Stay RIGHT HERE."
And that is why I don't get much done when my little Charlie is awake. 
Oy vey.
A view from the kitchen window.
{Note to self: next year, plant vegetables you actually enjoy eating.}
On to play time.
Charlie is currently fascinated with our DVD collection.
He pops open the cases and says, "C! D!"
And then spins the DVDs around and says, "WHEEEEEE!"
Next up: 
run time for mom,
scout-out-the-neighborhood time for Charlie.
Thirty minutes of silence, peppered with little boy exclamations:
"Whoo whoo!"
Our jog is usually followed by a morning nap for Charlie,
and a l-a-r-g-e cup of coffee for me.
I look at my to-do list, and then run around like crazy.
I shower. I eat breakfast.
I clean up any little mess piles left behind...
I get a bit of proofreading done
{on this particular day, I was working on a Bible atlas.
cool, right?}
As soon as I hear that little voice over the monitor, 
I know I've got maybe five minutes to get ready
before the squawking turns into some serious crabbing.
I try to be totally ready when I go in to get C out of his bed:
We grab some lunch, I throw a diaper in my purse,
and we're out the door!

{Speaking of which...
here's what "out the door" looks like for us.}
 Our front yard looks {and smells} like a barnyard at the moment.
More on that later... 

So now, I'm curious...
What do your mornings look like?


Diane P said...

ah yes, my mornings... I sadly don't have the little child to occupy my life, but two little dogs, who are older than dirt and on their last leg. Seriously! :( They don't go out until after 8:30. That's pathetic in dog terms. I should work 9-5 but I stroll in 9:30ish-10Ish but then work till after 6:00. I get up 6-7 AM, but am up staring at ceiling or tossing and turning at 4! When I have a free moment and house to self, I start dinner sometimes, work on computer, do laundry, fold clothes, iron (I love ironing), check out TV, shower, curl my hair, apply make up (in this humidty- it's a nightmare-I still have acne at my age) clean my kitchen, living room, dust, kill spiders, mice, etc. Basically, I want to be alone and do my housework. House is still a mess because I get distracted by weather channel, movie of the morning, etc. but still focus. Mind you, dogs are STILL not up! Winter is worse: Dogs have to be laid in yard, literally, to go pee. I will attempt to work out with my Wii. I take in a cup of coffee or two. Household makes reg. coffee and I should drink decaf. (Yeah-like I need caffine or sugar in my life-I'm already jumping around naturally like a bean) So when I get to work, finally, it's decaf tea, water or decaf coffee. Then on to my desk job which lately, has been invigorating and I'm actually quite happy there. and how is everyone else?

Diane P said...

oh, and what the heck happened to your front yard? dead? or is it hay? I remember those day. You'd think all that rain we had in june/july would have helped along the grass. But now... we're at a standstill. I don't even want to tell you what my water bil is...

georgia b. said...

so sweet... something for me to look forward to! i won't even try to explain my mornings... they are never the same. all i can say is, isaac keeps me on my toes!

you are on my list post today!

{p.s., i have that same starbucks mug... it's a life saver! when there is coffee in it, that is.}

Sherah said...

Diane - loved the play-by-play on your mornings! They sound restful, and coffee-filled. My kind of thing ;) Your poor little puppies, though! At least they have each other to keep them company :)

Georiga - Gotcha. 100% :)

Rochelle said...

W.O.W. Major kudos to you my friend. I cannot imagine your life. You never cease to amaze me!!!

Sooo enjoyed Monday, can't wait for the next chance to hang :)