Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've added a list on the side column, featuring some {most} of my very favorite blogs that I like to visit weekly, if not daily. In the future, I'll highlight a few of them, but for now, go ahead and give them a click.

{fair warning: some of them are a bit random. I like random!}

Alright. My refrigerator is making weird noises, and I've got maybe five minutes of naptime left... so, here I go!

p.s. Here's my billion-dollar invention idea: create a digital bubble that hangs above a sleeping child's head, and counts down the time until they wake up. How the heck anyone could go about creating such a gadget is beyond me {and probably everyone else}, but hey, I'd pay big bucks to know when my little prince charming is planning on coming back from dreamland...

1 comment:

Rochelle said...

Awwww! Thanks for including me in your list :) yay! I appreciate you so much friend!!

Wow, I love your invention idea! Sounds like a winner, albeit, a very tough one! ;)