Friday, September 23, 2011

backyard tomato picking, in pictures

I wasn't going to write anything in this post -- the pictures speak for themselves -- but I should say two things. 

(1) As a novice gardener, I've learned a new, painfully-obvious concept: only plant vegetables that you enjoy eating. This year, I planted mostly tomatoes... and while they're typically a go-to, easy-peasy sort of plant in the midwest, I don't happen to like them. This is definitely a problem, especially when I don't have time for canning and such. Oops.

(2) No matter how grody and rotten a tomato may be, never throw it in the presence of your 1-year-old. Said 1-year-old will mimic you happily, and your good tomatoes will start to disappear...

Which, I suppose, would certainly take care of observation #1.



Veronica Hill said...

You could make tomato sauce and freeze it! Or like a tomato/veggie broth and freeze it - thats what I am doing with some tomatoes we have gotten :)

Sherah said...

Smart! Good idea. That sounds like much more fun than canning ;)

Rochelle said...

Love, love, love the pics!! :) I still can't believe you planted all of those without loving them, but I'd be happy to take a few off your hands that Charlie doesn't get his hands on. ;)

P.S. LOVE your pink crocs!!!!