Friday, September 30, 2011

Alicen :: lovely

Little sisters are usually much cooler than big sisters.
I think it's because they look at their older sister's unfortunate mistakes,
and resolve not to do the same.

This is my youngest sister, Alicen.
These are her eighth grade graduation pictures.
And, let me tell you,
my eighth grade pictures looked nothing like this.

{I'd show you pictures of what I looked like when I was in 8th grade,
but I burned all of them.
Just kidding.
But nope, you can't see them.}
This girl is amazing. She's hilarious, and beautiful, and she's really smart.
She's the best friend you could ever have. 
She loves babies, and doggies, and her family.
She's ridiculously great at the piano.
She's a soccer star.
She pretty much gets 1st place in everything she does. {I am not exaggerating.}
And -- most importantly -- she loves Jesus. A lot.
It's all over her face.
Did I mention she's a killer dancer?
In summary,
my sister is awesome.

 if you are a boy, and you're anywhere near her age, and you're reading this:

{you can come back in 30 years.}


Katie G said...

Sherah! I love your blog. I'm a regular reader and I enjoy it so much. This post about your sister is precious. I love the part at the end where you shoo the boys away.

I know your last day was my first day at Crossway so we didn't have too much of a chance to get to know each other, but I really enjoy reading your blog.

Rochelle said...

You are soooo stinkin' hilarious, I love it! Your sister is such a doll, and wow, I love those pics you captured of her dancing! :) What a delight. Having met her, I want to vouch for anyone reading this that she is just as sweet & cool as you make her sound, for realz!!

I about fell off my chair laughing when you told the boys to go away. Protective much?! ;)

Sherah said...

Katie -- thanks so much!! I love finding out who reads my blog! That made my day :) Now, I'm off to find out more about YOUR blog -- I'm a total fashion nincompoop, so maybe you can straighten me out :)

Roe -- Yes. No boy is allowed near her. {the ones who get close to her fall instantly in love. pfssshhh.}

Michelle said...

Fear not friend, I still have your 8th grade picture (I think anyway). :)

Anna said...

This made me cry!!! I miss my sisters!!! Older AND younger!! <3