Sunday, September 11, 2011

how to buy awesome furniture

If you live in the Chicagoland area,
check out Jubilee Furniture.

They're located in a big old warehouse-ish building 
on the corner of North Avenue and Schmale in Carol Stream.
And really, you should go there.
Did I mention you should go there?
Seriously... you should go there.

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon their blog,
or where I even heard about them,
but a couple of years ago, I wandered into their store on a Friday afternoon...
and I was happily, permanently hooked :)

The place is big, and it's filled with furniture.
Beautiful, used, discounted, heavenly FURNITURE!
Sure: because they're reliant solely on their donors, 
they've got a few couches with grandma-style ruffles that rock plaid like it's going outta style...
{nothing against plaid-and-ruffle-couches, mind you}

But, Jubilee also has brand-name, like-new furniture
that's absolutely gorgeous.
It'll make you kiss your overpriced-furniture-showroom-shopping-days goodbye.

And better yet {for all you bargain hunters out there},
they get new items in every week.
You can check out their blog at 8am on Friday morning
{like I do religiously/without fail once in awhile... if I remember...}.

Plus, anything you buy there benefits Outreach Community Ministries,
a wonderful Christian non-profit organization serving the western suburbs of Chicago.
{you know, in case you need a bit of leverage with your hypothetical husband,
who wants to know why you're buying -- yes dear -- another armchair...}

I should probably also say that I don't really know anyone at Jubilee,
and no one's paying me to say this
{although my mention of the grandma-style-ruffle-couches should speak for itself?}
...I'm just a big, nerdy fan.

Did I mention they have free cookies for hungry little one-year-olds?
Those cookies buy me at least five more minutes in the store,
which is awesome.
Here's a Room&Board chair that we picked up last weekend.
The pricetag? $125!
{we used to have a white chair in its place.
but, the color white and one-year-olds in general are horrible, ancient enemies...
hence, the brown, stain-hiding color of our beautiful new chair. ta-daa!}

We got this bedroom dresser from Jubilee about a year ago.
I can't remember, but I think it was $80? Maybe $75?
The handles were a brassy-bronze color,
so I took them off, spray-painted them a metallic silver,
and popped them back on.
Voila! Instant update!

I went nuts on it when I was pregnant.
It was rockin' the tweedy-plaid pattern when we brought it home from Jubilee.
{I bought because it was a twin-size pullout, which is AWESOME!}
Anyways, I didn't like the plaid,
so I reupholstered it Sherah-style {i.e., I made it all up as I went along}.
It's weathered these past two years pretty well for a DIY upholstery job,
again with the white.
{what was I thinking?}

And so...
I think another trip to Jubilee may be necessary in the near future.
{unless Marty decides to stage an intervention 
to save me from my used-furniture-loving self.}


p.s. Jubilee is open on Fridays from 1-8pm
and Saturdays from 9am-4pm.
Happy shopping!


Katie said...

my furniture just came yesterday! I was going to do a before and after pics but was too excited to wait to put the slipcovers on. ps did I mention that I'm not nearly as creative as you so I bought high end slipcovers that cost more than the couch!

Donnai said...

Is this the one in Wheaton Christian Center? If so, I have heard about it.

Nancy said...

My mother-in-law pretty much furnished 2 vacation homes from Jubilee, but i had no idea they have a blog with pictures! Time to start looking for a new dining room table...

Sherah said...

Yep, Donnai, the Wheaton Christian Center it is! :)

elmhurst erik said...

Very cool. I never noticed a furniture store over there. I get incredibly frustrated with the poofy and oddly shaped nonsense being sold at places like Harlem Furniture and Wickes.

Jubilee's website sure features an incredibly wide range of styles. They go from blue vinyl dining chairs with rollers to IKEA and even to Room & Board and back to vintage chic. btw, I love Room & Board.

Rochelle said...

Very nice!! I'd heard about them and that they are a good place to buy from, but we haven't stepped foot in there yet. Loved this post!!

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