Thursday, September 15, 2011

read this, and be changed

Here's the story behind one of the blogs on my sidebar:

This is my college roommate, Heather {on her wedding day, with her husband, Matt}.
{All photos are taken from Heather's Facebook page -- kudos to the photographer who captured this one!}
Heather is absolutely, 100% even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside...
and yessiree, that's saying quite a lot :)

After Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake back in January 2010, Heather and Matt visited New Life Children's Home in Port-au-Prince, in June 2010. There, they met little baby John, a child at the orphanage  who was rescued from a remote mountain village following the earthquake.
Heather and Matt decided to adopt John Gideon -- a courageous step of faith, given the many obstacles of the Haitian adoption process. They've got a serious passion for children, though, and an incredible passion for what God can do through an ordinary couple, completely sold out to Him.

This past June, Heather went to live at the orphanage in Haiti, while Matt stays behind in the U.S. She's living at the orphanage, raising her little boy and helping to care for the other children there. Heather and Matt are waiting for the paperwork to go through, so that they can take their son back home.
Would you please, please pray for Heather and Matt, baby John, and New Life Children's Home? They're doing an incredible work down in Haiti -- God is providing in incredible ways, through people who are giving their lives to serve Him. Pray for faith and strength for Heather and Matt, particularly -- that the adoption process would go quickly, and that they would have an unwavering trust in God.
Besides praying... you can also sponsor a child at New Life, or leave an encouraging comment on Heather's blog!

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georgia b. said...

wow. what an encouraging and touching story. and what a sweet little boy!... the whole family is beautiful.

i will definitely pray!