Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One of my earliest memories of my friendship with Lydia: pranking a coworker's office by turning his books around -- hundreds and hundreds of them -- so that their spines faced the wall and their pages faced outward. {Did I mention that this coworker was also my boss at the time? Oh yeah. Clearly, I was not a very bright 21-year-old editorial assistant.}

Lydia is fun. She's an east coast girl, living in the heart of the Midwest. An author and editor, Lydia is currently putting the finishing touches on her seventh book, due out next spring. She's also a speaker at conferences across the nation -- so when she asked me to do a few updated headshots, I was excited! Flattered! Nervous! {Because, WOW, what if my pictures STINK?}

I'm happy to report... the pictures do NOT stink -- wink -- and here's why: Lydia also happens to be a natural in front of the camera. She was completely at ease the entire time we were shooting, which tells me what I already knew about her: she's confident about who she is and what she does, which comes from being rooted in a strong, deep faith in Jesus. {I love that.}

So, meet Lydia -- writer, editor, conference speaker extraordinaire, my sweet friend, and all-around superwoman :)

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