Wednesday, March 11, 2009

luck o' the Irish

My grandma grew up on a farm in Ireland.
She came to America as a nurse,
met my grandpa (a Hungarian),
and settled in Chicago to raise their six children.

This week and next, my grandma and most of her kids
(including my mom) have traveled back to Ireland
to visit our relatives.
My great Aunt Theresa lives in a small town in the south of Ireland;
her family owns and runs a flower shop, a funeral parlor, and a pub.
(they've got their bases covered, wouldn't you say?)

I dream about going to Ireland someday.
But for now, pictures will have to suffice.
Here are some that my mom took on her last trip (in 2004).
(Don't you think she has a knack for photography?
I've just popped them a bit in Photoshop...)
With St. Patrick's Day approaching,
it seemed appropriate to spread a bit of Irish cheer :)

Since I didn't take any of these pictures,
I can't tell you about any of them--except for this one.
That's my mom on the left, and two of her sisters:

See the rainbow?
Now you want to go too, huh?


Katie Newman said...

Wow, just gorgeous!

CZ said...

I want to go. Next time our moms need to take us (or at least their oldest daughters...hahaha). I'm starting myself an Ireland fund!

Rochelle said...

Ireland has always been my dream place to go!!!! I blame it on being part Irish, as well as amazing Christian-singer-songwriter Rich Mullins's amazing music videos in Ireland!!!

When you go, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! Trust me, it'll be fun. :)

Those pictures are so gorgeous. Thank you for spreading some Irish cheer. Hey next time we do lunch we should go to that little Irish restaurant in GE nearby. Yummm. (Actually I hate Irish food; but like the idea. :))

Erin_Speziale said...

HEY! Christina! ;)

You. Me. Whoever else wants to go. Let's do it :)

Those pics are beautiful!!!

Georgia B. said...

sure do! i have always wanted to go there. some day.