Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Have you ever smelled something,
and WHAM! -- you're catapulted back to a vivid memory from the past?

Sweet Pea body splash brings me straight back to
my cabin at high school summer camp
(my roomies sprayed the stuff like it was bug spray).

If I smell antibacterial cleaner, it's like I'm sitting in the pediatrician's waiting room,
on the orange vinyl seats,
stuffed animals staring at me from across the room,
the knowledge of an inevitable injection
niggling at the back of my 5-year-old brain.

Mothballs... playing in the closets in my grandma's summer trailer, up at the lake.

Fresh cut grass... soccer games on a warm Saturday morning in June.

Spicy potpourri... my parent's house, lit with candles on Christmas Eve.

You get the idea.

So when Marty brought me home a bouquet of flowers the other day,
I inhaled the gorgeous scent of the lilies...
and was immediately transported back
to a sunrise walk in Maui
sipping an iced mocha
and breathing in the beautiful smell of fresh lilies
growing along the sidewalk.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
How are you celebrating today?
We're having soda bread, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips and carrots...

and probably ham, too.

One year, the day after St. Patrick's day, my baby brother came down with a nasty case of the flu.
Ever since then, he can't stand even the thought of corned beef.
We try and humor him.
Hence, the ham :)


Erin_Speziale said...

I LOVE THAT FEELING! (smelling... ??? haha). But I have mostly bad smell memories... unfortunately. I'll have to make some good-smelling memories.

What a coincidence! As it turns out, I also am having corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, soda bread and parsnips and carrots! Magically delicious! ;)

Sherah said...

No WAY. You are having corned beef and cabbage today, too? Score!!

I hope the company is fantastic ;)