Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tube socks, part 2

Here's another one.

You have to squint (sorry), but there's little Marty on the left, fooling around with some giant cannon. (That's his dad on the right.) I love this picture. It tells me a lot about the special relationship my husband has with his dad, and I see a lot of Charlie in his daddy's little-boy grin. 

Marty found this print recently, buried in a stack of old papers, and I went out and bought a frame for it. ($1.99 at Ikea. watch out -- BIG SPENDER ALERT.)

With the rise of the digital camera, we've gained convenience and speed, but we've lost a lot, too. Who prints out their pictures anymore? Instead of hard copies that I can hold in my hand, I've got millions of invisible files, taking up literally no space (that I can see)... and that's exactly the problem. I can't see them. We take our pictures, upload them, and poof! ...they're gone.

And so, I'm going out and buying more frames. (more BIG SPENDING. watch out, Ikea.) I'm putting up pictures, and pointing out faces to our little guy. We'll be praying for the people on our walls, smiling as we remember moments that a camera captured... aaand this is starting to sound like a Hallmark commercial. 

(Minus the praying.)

I'm done.


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georgia b. said...

more laughs.

you are so right. framing old photos... actual photos... is a lost art. i have a picture of brac when he was about four or five that i have been meaning to scan and convert to black and white, then reprint and frame for isaac's room. and you have just inspired me to get on that!

"big spender alert." you crack me up.