Tuesday, October 18, 2011

becca and nate :: engaged!

I've only met them twice, but I really like Becca and Nate. Here are some reasons why:

(1) They like hockey.
(2) They have the cool vibe. (you know. the cool vibe.)
(3) They're Mac-users.
(4) They're getting married in the mountains.
(5) They're both youth pastors. (= they love Jesus.)
(6) Becca has impeccable taste in shoes. (Particularly, red ones.)

I told you they were cool.

On Saturday, we walked around downtown Stillwater, MN (for those of you Chicago-ans who don't know about Stillwater, it's like this cutesy small-town-downtown area that's just really beautiful), and then headed over to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.

The weather was perfect.

And Becca and Nate are excellent smile-ers.

And so, it was the best.


{favorite. right here.}

** click here *** for their slideshow!


Rochelle said...

awww :) - agree with your fav!!

Kraakerjack said...

very cool - congrats!!

Anna said...

These are so completely amazing!!!

georgia b. said...


your favorite shot is mine, too.