Friday, October 7, 2011

cloth diapers: an insider's guide

Fair warning. 
This post uses the word "Poop" and "Stupid," and I talk about gross things. 
Don't eat a brownie and read this. 
Also, don't read this if you're already, or think you may someday be, afraid of babies. 
My intention is never to make anyone not like babies.

I'll admit it: I use cloth diapers.

{sheesh. is this starting to sound like a mom blog or what?}

Before we start here, let me clarify something.
I am not a proud member of Cloth Diaper Mommas, Ltd.

Some of my friends love (LOVE) cloth diapers.
I do not.
I like them. I deal with them. And I love what they save me:


So, here's my story:

When I was pregnant, I first heard of cloth diapers from one of my coworkers {and now, dear friend}, Monica. I was skeptical. She, also pregnant at the time, was optimistic and motivated {two qualities I love about her, and, coincidentally, two characteristics that are relatively necessary for anyone inclined to attempt cloth diapering}. Her optimism/motivation rubbed off on me, and we started saving our pennies for the initial investment in diapers. {Cloth diapers run about $16+ a pop, brand new. yikes.}

We took a trip to a local diaper store two weeks after Charlie was born {He screamed the entire time we were there. It was our first family outing. It was terrifying, and hilarious.}, where we discovered Flip diapers. Basically, these aren't your grandmomma's cloth diapers -- you tuck a microfiber liner inside a waterproof cover, snap it shut, and BOOM, you're done. {That is, until you have to change it. That's another story.} But the Flips were cheap (compared to other cloth diapers) and user-friendly, and they "grew" with Charlie -- we've been using the same diapers since he was two months old, and it's looking like they'll last until he's potty trained (which, my friends, won't be anytime soon).

Here's what the waterproof liner looks like:
(Don't be intimidated by all the snaps; you get the hang of it eventually.)

And here's what the inside looks like, with the liner tucked in:

Now, most people are pretty passionate about this issue (either FOR, or AGAINST it). But, like I said earlier, we're just in it for the money. {Doesn't that sound terrible? What I should say is -- there's other things we'd prefer to spend our money on, rather than disposable diapers that just end up rotting in a landfill somewhere. Pleasant thought. Gross thought. Sorry!}

I wish I could tell you that I'm only doing it to help the environment... but I'm not. (I'd rather recycle everything I own, or only take showers once a week, or make a compost pile.) Yep, it's nice to think that I'm not contributing to smelly, stinky garbage piles. However, there are days when Charlie poops, and it's POOP {moms and dads, you KNOW WHAT I MEAN}, and I'm like, "Forget it. This sixteen-dollar diaper is going in the GARBAGE. MARTY, BRING ME THE PAMPERS."

But then, I clean the stupid diaper out (we're proud owners of a diaper sprayer), and throw the nasty thing in the laundry, and it comes out clean. And then, I take a deep breath, and carry on. Cloth diapering and I coexist for another day.

It's not for everyone. Moms who work outside the home would probably have a hard time getting their childcare provider on board with this one. People who throw up easily might not be able to handle it. {Advocates for cloth diapering argue that "you have to touch poop already. It's not a big deal." Well, they're sort of right, and sort of wrong. I've changed many diapers in my life, but never before have I had to scrape poop out from underneath my fingernails.}

Wow. This is getting yuckier by the minute.

But, because I take care of Charlie myself, and because I have the time and resources to devote to it... we do it. {Marty washes out the diapers too. He is amazing, and awesome, and I don't think he's ever complained about it.} And so, our pediatrician calls them "cadillac diapers," and we get funny looks, and yes, we use disposable diapers sometimes because we need a BREAK.

But, besides all of that, it's been a great experience for us.

And Charlie rocks the diaper poses, when I ask him to show them off:


Rochelle said...

You are so stinking funny & Charlie is so freaking adorable!!!

Katie G said...

This is inspiring. I don't even have kids yet, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your poopy diaper sagas :).