Monday, October 17, 2011

the plug.

Charlie likes his pluggy
like I like my coffee.
{as in, inside his mouth, all the time.}

In the grocery store the other day,
I noticed an older woman giving Charlie and I a good stare down.
Normally, when someone has something positive to say, they'll just say it.
If it's negative, they'll avert their eyes after they notice that you've noticed them.
This woman looked at Charlie.
Then at his plug.
Then at me.
And then {harrrumph} away.

Oh brother.

Yes, my son is almost two, and still sucks on a pacifier.
Leave me alone.
I like that he takes long naps when he's got his pluggy in,
and furthermore,
I'll be the one paying for his braces,
thank you vurrrrry much.

(and so, happy monday!)


Anna said...

That's ok, if he gets off it and you have another kid he'll just revert anyway! :)

georgia b. said...

you go, girl!

i'm so shocked at the rudeness and gall of some people and their comments or looks of disapproval. unbelievable. to each his own. i'm sure she never had a kid of her own, and if she did, she probably never took him or her out it public.

they make those things for a reason! isaac loves his, too. if only he could learn to keep it in his mouth! i think those things are life-savers. i'm so glad i gave in and let isaac have one... and yes, if he wants it when he's two, then he'll get it! that woman needs to go concentrate on giving the dirty looks to the moms that are actually bad mothers.

okay, i'm off my soap box now. =)