Wednesday, April 27, 2011

anti-anger technique

I'm going to share an anti-anger technique with you.

I use it on my husband.
But you can probably use it for lots of people, if you find it helpful.
{you might not. that's ok too. this is a strange one, I'll admit.}

Whenever I'm upset with Marty,
{who, by the way, gave me permission to write this post, poor guy}

I look at this picture, tacked on the wall.

Little, second grade Marty.
Backpack bigger than his torso.
Bowl cut hair.
Tube socks.

And then, I say to myself,

Regardless of whether it's his fault or not,
that poor little boy had
absolutely no clue
that someday he would
grow up
and marry
someone who would freak out about
{insert conflict-in-question here}
Cut the poor guy some slack.

Little Marty has saved big Marty {and big Marty's wife}
from many arguments,
simply because
it's hard to yell at someone
when you're seeing them as their little self
bowl cut,
tube socks,
and all.


Chick Hatchers said...

That's a whole different perspective I never would have come up with on my own. There are times I think about how my children will be treated by their spouses or how my kids will respond or react to their kids, but I rarely think about my husband when he was a little boy. I will have to think about this. Thank you for sharing this.

Diane P said...

I remember him at this age!

Rochelle said...

Aww good point!!! Cute little Marty and his socks & hair!! That is a good idea. :)

Sherah said...

I absolutely love this idea, and I'm going to try it!! Good one.

PS, my name is Sherah, too. :) Came across your blog when I was trying to Google my own blog to see if it'd come up in the search results. (It didn't.)

Pretty blog!