Tuesday, November 10, 2009

truly scrumptious

If you're hungry, don't read this post. {I mean it. You'll want to raid your fridge for a tub of chocolate frosting, by the time I'm done showing you all this good stuff.}

You've been warned...

Last weekend, my dear friend Cathy asked me to come and take a few publicity shots of a sweet table she created for a fundraiser event. Cathy recently turned her passion for amazing food, tasty desserts, and stellar event planning into a brand-new business: Cathy Marie's Homestyle Catering & Sweet Table Designs.

Here's a peek at a few of the details:

{Oh. My. Yippers. Chocolate dipped pretzels. Does it get any better than that?}

You can't see all the sign lettering, but it says "Candy Bar." Hence, the chocolate-filled martini glasses, gummy citrus slices, and a foamy beer mug {see it, all the way on the left? genius!}.

Here's Cathy herself, putting the finishing touches on the to-die-for chocolate mousse.

True story: the people attending the event were d-y-i-n-g to get their hands on these goodies. This next shot was taken literally seconds after the MC gave the go-ahead that the sweet table was open for business.

{if you look hard enough, you can see the lady in orange sticking out her tongue, concentrating hard on piling her plate full of chocolate. hey, can you blame her? if I hadn't been taking pictures, I'd be right next to her, all elbows, grabbing platefuls of tartes, cheesecakes, brownies, and mousse.}

By the way... here's a close-up of the foamy beer mug I mentioned earlier {I grabbed this shot back in the kitchen}. Ingenius, right?

Interested in booking Cathy's catering or sweet table expertise for a wedding or event? E-mail her at cmarie.waters (at) gmail.com {your waistline might not thank you, but your guests definitely will!}


cathy said...

Sherah...You are unbelievable! These pictures captured the entire sweet table as it was....even better! I knew you would be the person to call...you're the best! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Sherah...and you're right--now I'm starving for chocolate.

CZ said...

You're right...it can NOT get any better than chocolate dipped pretzels. Especially pretty ones like those in the pictures. Mine turn out kinda lumpy!

The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

I think you have a real future in food photography, and in that future you would be more than welcome to photograph my food! I'll pay you in generous amounts of food, deal? :)

Sherah said...

Sarah, I'll take pictures of your amazing dishes any day... but I've sort of sworn off doing too much food photography, since I'm convinced I'd gain about 20 pounds. You don't know how hard it was not to grab a cheesecake tart in between shots ;)

Rochelle said...

dag nab it!

read the warning... didn't heed it... now digging for chocolate.

those. are. awesome!