Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes, all set to visit my sister up in Minnesota. I'm so stinkin' excited; it's been two months since I've seen her! Our weekend to-do list includes sipping coffee, lots of walks, sleeping in, and eating lots of eggs and pancakes. {my sister and her husband are the queen and king of breakfast food. yum-o.} I lived in St. Paul for awhile, while I finished up my undergrad degree, so I'm hoping to catch up with a few friends, and maybe do a bit of shopping. {did you know there's no sales tax on clothes in the state of MN? incredible!}

Since I'm not checking a bag for my flight, I've crammed my stuff into a giant overnight bag and I'm hoping they'll let it pass as a carry-on. {probably not the best strategy... I'll let you know how it turns out. ha!} One of the drawbacks of packing light? I can't bring more than a book or two {my norm is at least three or four, for a weekend trip... seriously}, and my zoom lens has to stay behind. Marty insists this is all for the best; his mom works for one of the major airlines, and tells us first-hand stories all the time of lost-baggage nightmares. {think Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents... poor, poor guy!}

Anywho, have a lovely weekend! {it looks like my Chicago friends will get a peek of sunshine tomorrow, and St. Paul's forecast is calling for sunny skies and 52 degrees... beautiful!}

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Katie said...

Enjoy! I'm so happy for you sisters! Yes Anna made us a wonderful breakfast when we visited.