Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I bought my first car when I was fresh out of college.

I originally wanted something reliable, dependable, practical... and then, my mom told me that I had the rest of my life to worry about "reliable" and "practical." She told me to forget about it, and get a car I really wanted.

{Go Mom.}

So instead of a 4-door sedan with good gas mileage and a roomy backseat... I bought a Mustang convertible:

I love my car. It's been super nice to me, and I really like driving around with the big fat sunny sky above me, all summer long. It's fun in the winter, too... we just throw a few sandbags in the trunk, and I can do donuts in empty parking lots.

But now... with a baby on the way... things have changed a bit. Marty and I are taking a childbirth class, and lately, whenever we pull up, I've noticed the other couples getting out of big SUVs, or mini vans. One couple even has a station wagon. {No joke.} And then there's Marty and me, hopping out of our little sports car, all, "Hey guys, don't we look like we're ready to have a baby?!"

We need to rethink this whole convertible thing. Because, you know, a windblown infant in the backseat of a convertible just isn't ok. {Also, have I mentioned that the top has recently started to leak whenever it rains?}

Thus, words like "reliable" and "practical" are about to start showing up in my vocabulary again. Hellooo Mommyhood ;)


Rochelle said...

oh friend. let me pray over you that you will get a new car. i love you. i love your car.

and i love that you realize it's time for it to get the boot.

Diane Piquette said...

It's your cousin Diane -I too have a new Mustang hotrod, stick and all, and actually, I have NO back seat to really speak of. But you could probably swing a few months -but it's not gonna work! YOU physically cannot do the baby/baby seat and still have a good back in the process :). I hope the car sells good for you!

Joy said...

When Pete and I were engaged I asked, "How stuck are you on driving Volvos for the rest of your life?" He responded, "I think the better question is, 'How stuck am I on SAFETY?'" :) Then he turned into a Subaru freakzoid overnight, which is what we now drive. You should look into them... lots of room in the trunk ("Hatchback") for groceries! And the four-wheel drive is nice.