Friday, April 8, 2011

shout out

Lately, I've been trying to blog more, and read more blogs. It's a sort of creative outlet for me, and I always come away from reading other blogs feeling inspired to live my life better. Blogs are a huge blessing to me.

And yet... I'm the world's worst commenter.

I read something that's unbelievably creative, or funny, or something that just resonates inside me. And I walk away from my computer, and implement it, or chew on it, without a word of "thank you" to the blogger who just turned my day around.

So, from here on, I'm resolving to comment on other blogs at least as often as I post on my own.

The picture above was taken over a year ago. It's me and Rochelle. It's there because, well Rochelle is the best example I could think of -- someone who gives out encouragement and blog-love on a consistent, regular basis. She's great, and her sweet words encourage me almost every day. So, thanks Rochelle for being such an excellent example. Love ya, girl ;)


P.S. I wrote this post entirely one-handed, Charlie on my lap, watching Veggie Tales silly songs on another screen. Just so you know...

Happy Friday :)


Rochelle said...

oh. my. word. you are soooo stinking sweet!!!!!! seriously you got me all teary. ;) thanks for the encouraging shout out, i needed that. you rock, friend. whether you think you do or not, whatevs, you're amazing. it was great seeing you today, let's get together for realz again soon! miss you & love you lots!!

p.s. i will never forget charlie gripping joe's leg. that was so. so. so. cute. ;)

Rachel Rusticus said...

Hey Sherah! This is Rachel (Michelle) from Bethel & wanted to let you know I've been reading your blog here and there for awhile now. I love your writing, images, wisdom, and humor:) Wish I would have gotten to know you more at Bethel!!

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