Thursday, April 14, 2011

dear charlie-warlie

dear Charlie {or Charlie-warlie, as we like to call you},

Today, you woke up crabby. Life's tough for a 14-month-old, sometimes; you've got big fat molars busting through your gums, and they've really been bugging you these past few days.

Before your daddy walked out the door to go to work, he was holding you and bouncing you {the one thing that would get you to stop whining}, and I looked at you -- how big you are -- and said to your daddy, "Is this really our baby? Seriously?" I still can't believe that you're ours. {And I mean that in a very, very good way.}

Some days, I live for your naptimes, because it's then that I can regain a bit of sanity before you're awake again, ready to terrorize the living room. But that's ok. I know from experience that we're in a bit of a phase... and before I know it, this phase will be long gone.

Want to know what I'm learning these days? How important it is to abide in Jesus, all day long. I can't do anything that has lasting, eternal value without His help. I really need His help, especially when it comes to you. You're a tough cookie sometimes...

But you're also a sweet, kind little boy. You know what "gentle" and "nice" mean. You love doggies and you're not afraid when they bark {even when it's right into your face}. You love flipping light switches, putting on your shoes, opening cabinets, knocking over block towers, and swinging at the park. You're smart, and you want to figure out how things work. You catch on quickly. You love to read books {especially with daddy, since he does the best sound effects}. You love splashing in the bathtub.

Today, I had to sneak into your room when you were sleeping to turn on the baby monitor. I stopped by your crib and looked at you -- there you were, sleeping peacefully, arms over your head, your blankie snuggled up next to you. And wow. It hit me again.

You're ours. Our very own Charlie-warlie.

See you when you wake up, little baby boy...

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Anna said...

Aww I love charlie-warlie, and char-mom!!!