Monday, April 25, 2011

post-Easter recap, or the case of too many peeps consumed {?}

Easter sunrise, from our bedroom window:

Easter morning 1-year-old, before we knew he was getting sick:

Easter evening parents... after
(1) church {= Jesus is ALIVE},
(2) visiting relatives,
(3) discovering that our son was sick {the chocolate eggs didn't help, I'm sure},
(4) breaking his first ever 103-degree fever, and
(5) putting him to bed:

We were smiling because of point #1.
And because, well, the Hawks were playing :)

Anywho, here's what my Easter Monday looked like:

That says it all, I think.

Jesus is alive.

Now, off to get His help with parenting a feverish cranky-pants...

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Rochelle said...

so sorry he was sick too!! what a bummer to be sick on Easter. :( yipes! glad you guys still had the smilies though!