Friday, May 1, 2009


One of my favorite memories is when my entire family came to visit me at college in St. Paul, Minnesota. We were walking around Mall of America when we spotted a photo booth. That's when me and my four siblings crammed inside... and hilarity ensued. For real, we took the. most. ridiculous. photos. ever. I'm pretty sure I remember that only my right eyeball is showing in most of the shots--five kids in a two-seater is a tight squeeze! (Sad enough, I've misplaced the photo strips somewhere along the way; need to check with Mom and see if she has a copy!)

So here's a fun weekend idea: grab a friend, find a photobooth near you, and take some snazzily-wonderfulicious pictures. Click here for a website that will tell you where to find them in your area.

Happy weekend!

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Erin_Speziale said...

HAHA! That's so funny, I remember doing that with Katie, Christina and Michelle. It was quite the experience, and Mom now has the pictures on her bedroom mirror ;)