Thursday, May 14, 2009

Margi and J : Married!

May I share with you a very special wedding?

This is my aunt's wedding dress:

This is my aunt:

Beautiful, isn't she?

And since everyone knows I'm a sucker for a hot pair of shoes...

Meet Margi and J.

This is typical: J laughs, and Aunt Margi tries really hard not to :)

More of J's personality: with the best man. Hilarious!

My aunt's only request? A dip picture:

The staff at the reception location absolutely loved J and Margi:

This series makes me smile :) Being announced as Mr. and Mrs.!

The venue was built around a real, live tree. Fairytale-esque, isn't it?

And finally, some photogs-in-action shots:

Gotta love the 70-200!

I caught Marty chimping :)

Good buddies, probably because they share the same name: Uncle Martin and Marty!
I wish you could hear Uncle M's Irish brogue. It's fantastic :)


Erin_Speziale said...

Ahhh! These pictures are amazing :) I love all 500 of them! Those dip pictures are so great!!! I LOVED her dress! AND shoes! Great taste must run in the fam, I'm totally convinced. ;)

p.s. I read your post from earlier today.... oh man, I know what you mean, a bad hair day totally wrecks my entire morning until someone pulls me out of my pity party. :(

Sarah Stride said...

Cutest couple ever?? quite possibly.. LOVE these shots.

Rochelle said...

great job! such an adorable/fun couple. love it.

CZ said...

Beautiful...both the pictures and the love story!