Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gateway diaries, part 2

This week, I'm in Florida, on vacation at a beach we've been going to for 23 years. It never, ever gets old, and every year, I take hundreds of pictures of the sunsets, as if I'll never see another for the rest of my life. They take my breath away, every time.

Here are a few shots from past years (again, from my old hard drive, taken with a little baby point and shoot):

I'm starting to realize I have a sort of strange obsession with feet (there were tons more footsie-tootsie pictures where this one came from!):

An almost-silhouette of my bride-to-be sister, Anna:


Rochelle said...

so beautiful! i love how we all seem to flex our toes in the sand when a camera is pointed at them, lol. ;)

Erin_Speziale said...

Soooo cute!!!! I love that one of Anna! And, seriously, that beach is one of my most favorite spots in the world (so far)... closely following the Hawaii beach ;) I hope you guys are all having the time of your lives, and staying far, far away from those pesky stingrays!

Edward Baumgarten said...

That looks like the sun from star wars.