Friday, September 19, 2008

Share the Love #3

Friday again :) Here's my quick tip of the day (by the way, I'm hoping to get a few more pics up from last week's wedding later on today!):

Have you heard of F-Stop Beyond? Basically, videographer Ron Dawson has taken it upon himself to record interviews with amazing photographers and release them to the public... for free. Honestly, listening to some of these shows is almost as good as having a real-life photography mentor. The other day, I listened to Ron interview Cliff Mautner, one of the world's best wedding photographers. Want to know one of the key things I took away from it? Cliff talked about the importance of finding your own style, instead of scanning blogs, trying to mimic someone else's. Find inspiration in your own talent, and do something different from what everyone else is doing!

You can subscribe to the podcast or review past episodes here.


Ron Dawson said...

Thanks so much for listening Sherah. And thanks for "Sharing the love." :)

Sherah said...

Wow, no, thanks to YOU, Ron, for your hard work in putting those shows together! Great stuff!! :)