Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last week, Marty and I took the train down to Chicago for dinner at Petterino's, an excellent restaurant in Chicago's theatre district.

Check out the architecture! This is at Ogilvie train station:

The Lyric Opera house (always wanted to go there...!):

Picasso!! (um... maybe it's an orangutan?)

Ok, so I really, really wanted this girl's purple shoes. So we took a picture...

Marty, in the middle of Daley Plaza: he was taking pictures of little kids playing on the Picasso; I stole the camera, ran away, and snapped this! He looks amused :)

Dessert at Petterino's!! AMAZING APPLE PIE!! (seriously, GO THERE AND TRY IT!)

Outside the restaurant: the Oriental, where Wicked is (still) playing...

And... just a pretty building.

I heart Chicago, and date nights with Marty :)

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Anonymous said...

SHERAH!!!!!!! WOW! These are fantastic! I was just in Chicago today, (and Olgilvie station.. or however you spell it), and you TOTALLY captured the beauty of it alllll! Haha, LOVE those shoes. ;) Man, oh man, Sherah... GORRRGEOUS!!!!!

<3 Erin