Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm a little slow with my posting this week... I was going to do some quick editing over my lunch break today, but as soon as I walked into the apartment, I get a knock on the door.

It's the drywall guy, ready and waiting to replace part of the ceiling in our bedroom. Without calling first. Grrrr. Thus, my editing will wait until tomorrow! The upshot? I got to eat lunch at a cutsie sandwich shop; I sat at a table outside, chowed down on a delicious reuben, and soaked in the sun :) Late September afternoons in Chicago are amazing!!!

Another random thought: apparently, September is grasshopper season in Chicago. On my walk to work every morning, these little buggers attack me, flying out from the prairie grass next to the sidewalk and getting smashed under the shoes of businessmen in a hurry to catch the train. Sick!!

All that to say, more pictures coming soon :)

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