Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In the bleak midwinter,
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone.
Snow had fallen, snow on snow
Snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter,
long ago.

(Lines from Christina Rossetti's well-known carol.)

I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet. A quick look at my invisible "full schedule vs. low energy ratio" chart tells me that I'm pretty sure we'll have our tree up until March. Or maybe April. If I can get it down before Easter, we'll be doing good...

Hmm. Positives? 
*The ambient light is nice.
*I can pretend I did it on purpose, because I really love Christmas. (Which I do.)
*Charlie's delight over "TISMAS LIGHTS" will be extended for a few more weeks. (Or months.)
*When it finally gets around to really snowing in Chicagoland (!!), I can turn my calendar back to December, look out the window, and pretend like we really did get a big snowstorm on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of winter...
There's this little closet nook in the back of our house where I do some of my editing. (We're currently in transition-mode between PC and Mac. The PC's been banished to the closet. 'Nough said.) It's chilly back there, but tonight, I had a good amount of work to do. So -- how cliche is this? -- I made some hot chocolate, lit a pretty candle, wrapped myself in a blanket, and got some serious work done back there. 

A perfect, quiet, wintry work-night. Minus the token blanket of snow outside.

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Chick Hatchers said...

Believe it or not, our tree really was up until April one year. Yes, it was. I didn't let my dear hubby put one up the next December because it *was already up* earlier in the year! Ours is still up now, but it didn't get put up until a week and a half before Christmas, so I'm OK with it. Hopefully it will be down by Valentine's Day. See, you're not alone. Nor are you alone in your computer nook. My family room is quite chilly and I am frequently wrapped in a blanket while on the computer. Last night, though, I got the wireless working and sat in front of the fireplace. So nice.