Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charlie + sink

I'm learning some of the reasons why people say being a mom is a lot of work.

Yes, yes. I'm well aware of the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, the discipline games, the eat-this-piece-of-broccoli-so-help-me standoffs. But it's the intentionality that's starting to get me. Sometimes, Charlie and I sit there and stare at each other. And I think, Wait. I'm the Mom. I'm supposed to come up with something educational/productive/entertaining for us both to do? At this very moment? 


Compounding the problem? The fact that, in my own house, I'm an anti-mess sort of person. Clean up after yourself -- or better yet, yeah... just don't do anything that requires cleaning up.

(Note the point of conflict between my lofty ideals and a one-year-old.)

So, I'm starting to learn how to get messy. Some parents can let their kids dump dirt on the floor and just clean it up later. Others do scrapbooking and cutting and gluing on the dining room table, with little scraps of pink construction-paper stars getting wedged between the floorboards or glued to the underside of the chairs. I applaud their bravery, and their creativity.

Me? I decided to start with water.

Doesn't this look idyllic? Charlie, happily playing away in the sink. Mommy, happily snapping pictures.


Charlie had a cold. His nose was dripping all over the place.
Being the responsible mother I am... I was propping him up with my foot (so that he wouldn't fall off the chair) and taking pictures at the same time.
Then he started sucking on the hose nozzle thing. Do you have any idea how many germs are on a kitchen hose nozzle thing?
And then (of course) water was everywhere.
Down his pants.
Inside the cabinet.
On the floor.

But, Charlie was happily playing away in the sink.
I was just, more or less, stressfully taking pictures,
trying not to think about the water on the floor,
and giving myself a little pep-talk:
There! Good effort, newbie-mom. Good effort.


Nancy said...

I used to marvel at moms who let their kids play with water inside, so good for you! It's so much easier when there are multiple kids to entertain each other. Today I had Abigail alone all morning and it was a lot more messy, since I had to keep her busy while I did my stuff. Markers, paint, cleaning a toy from outside in the bathtub, and a mixing bowl with flour, oats, and lentils in it kept her happy and me productive, more or less.

Rochelle said...

you crack me up. i love you!

Chick Hatchers said...

I love that he's playing in the sink and using the scrub brushes. Has he learned to grab the faucet and spray water all over that way? *nods* yes, I know it's stressful. I'm also a "clean up after yourself or don't do anything messy" sort of person... which you wouldn't know by looking at my house. It's a mess. But it's a mess *because* I expect everyone to clean up after themselves. There is only one of me. At least right now, you have Charlie one on one or out numbered if Marty's home. I have those tiny scraps of paper, half-finished crafts, and who knows what else ALL over my house. Just look how much fun your son is having! That's what it's all about at this point. When he's done, give him a towel and teach him to clean up the water. He'll enjoy it at this age... not so much in another 4 years. :)

Pete and Joy Neal said...

Gold star!