Friday, January 13, 2012

facebook + like = coffee!

Hi all,

I just got around to creating a Facebook page for Sherah G Photography.
So here's the deal.

If you "like" the Sherah G Photography page (click here!)
between now and Tuesday, January 17th at midnight,
I'll enter you into a drawing for a
$20 gift card to Starbucks.

(And, if you're not a coffee lover,
you can have one of their breakfast sandwiches.
Or, you can give the gift card back to me next Christmas.)


And p.s.  
If you've already "liked" the page,
thank you!!
You're automatically entered!


Thanks so much everyone for liking the FB page (...and Starbucks, of course!).
The winner of the gift card is...
Bob Landon!


Veronica and Daniel said...

Hi friend! We should have a coffee date ;) I love the new blog look!

georgia b. said...

woo hoo! of course, i already liked your page... in more ways than one. but you are smart... anyone who knows me knows they can easily bribe me to do anything with a nice hot green tea latte from sbux!

pick me, pick me!!!

love the new look of the blog and site and fb page! exciting!

{p.s. thanks to marty for the HVAC expertise!}

Nicole, RD said...

Shera: It's Nicole Nelson from Chiefs hockey :) Your work is beautiful! As is your family! Congrats on all of your successes! God bless!

Hirsita Dixit said...
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