Monday, January 9, 2012

tab fest

Whenever Marty uses my computer, he's shocked at the number of tabs I have open in my internet browser. (Does anyone else out there do this? Maybe it's a girl thing? Or a SMART PERSON thing? Come on, give me some ammo to throw back at my chiding husband. He just thinks I'm nuts.)

With the rise of Pinterest, it's been easier to quell my tab fetish by just pinning the links. Problem is... sometimes I just like the layout of a website. Or the general feel of it. Maybe there's something I don't really want to pin -- just something I'd like to remember for later. Regardless, my endless tabs live on.

Here's a sampling of what's pulled up at the top of my browser today:

Ann Voskamp's blog (and specifically, this daily to-do list. Brilliant.)

B&H Photo... and this new lens (yay!)

Peanut-Butter Banana Nutella cupcakes (can you say "WOW"?!) from Casey Wiegand's blog.

Winter Sewing Projects from Martha Stewart. (Don't hate. I love Ms. Martha Stewart. She's ingenious. I'd make every single one of these things... if my sewing machine wasn't buried under a pile of books, and if I didn't have a one-year-old, and if my house was clean. etc. etc. etc.)

Happy pinning/linking/tabbing/doing-something-otherwise-useful-with-your-life-ing!


CZ said...

It's a woman a busy mom thing and multi-task, info-loving person thing.

Cassie said...

Definitely have many tabs open at once!

Rochelle said...

Okay so I know I texted you, but I had to make it official and post it here too, I have a ridiculous {seriously, it's crazy} tab fest thing going. So much so sometimes I have 3, yes 3, browsers open it because they get too clogged and can't handle it!! Gah!!!!! :) Marty, she is NOT alone!! It's brilliant I tell you, brilliant.

Marcia Tumminaro said...

ha ha! adam always complains that i too many tabs open at a time, too! (presently i have 10 open, and i've barely been on the computer today). in marty's defense, though, having a lot of tabs open tends to slow your computer. but i say, hey, the internet is 10 or 20 tabs is really only a small, insignificant fraction of that. :)

Anonymous said...

You are not alone! I have seven tabs going right now, which is a good day for me. Marty is not alone, either. Whenever my husband looks over my shoulder he teasingly disapproves of my internet usage. But I'm convinced it's because of our multi-tasking brains!