Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year

Have you made lots of resolutions? Just a few? None at all?

One thing I'm focusing on this year is doing more writing. I've always loved writing (it was part of my major in college), but it's gotten pushed to the side in the last few years. This year, I'm blocking out time for it every day, even if it's only a few minutes. Some of it will appear here... and some of it won't. In the past, I've blogged about what I think my readers (all three of you *HIGHFIVE!*) might want to read. Too much about Charlie? CUT. Too much sappy stuff? CUT. Too much transparency? CUT. But, I'm learning that the most powerful writers write what they want to read. They write for themselves. (I should add that Christian writers write for an even bigger purpose -- they write for Jesus.) 

There's always the "transparency vs. too-much-honesty" line, and I'm working on defining that in my mind, and on the page. I'd much rather tell someone verbally about my struggles, or my dreams, or the best book I've ever read -- or heck, what I ate for breakfast this morning -- rather than have them read about it on my blog. But the truth is this: 

(1) I'm at home a lot, and often my personal contact with people is usually limited. 

(2) This blog has the potential to reach a world of readers whom I know nothing about (and may never know). 

(3) Writing, and photography, are creative outlets for me, in the midst of the sometimes hum-drum routine of life. They help me see beauty in the everyday. They spark my interest in life. They push this melancholy girl out of her comfort zone. I need that. 

(4) Regardless of whether anyone reads this blog, or comments on my posts, or thinks that it's valuable (or, on the contrary, a waste of valuable time)... it doesn't matter.

I came across this link on SimpleMom.net, about a nanny in the 1950's who spent her life photographing images of Chicago with a Rolleflex camera. The negatives were discovered in a box after her death in 2009, revealing a lifetime of beautiful work. The pictures are incredible. And she never received any credit for them.

But, you see, that's not the reason why she took them in the first place.

Happy 2012! Here's to better writing, better photography, better living... tasting and enjoying the fullness of life, all to the glory of God.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I have found your blog again. You have GORGEOUS pictures and you are a wonderful writer. Oh yeah and Charlie is pretty darn cute too =) these sound like wonderful goals for the year. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to following your blog more closely.

Nancy said...

You and I are on the same wavelength today. I just posted something along the same lines about half an hour after you did, but I promise I wasn't copying:)

Chick Hatchers said...

I love everything you write about, but that could just be my own craving for adult communication! If you ever find yourself lonely during the day and needing some conversation, call me. You're welcome to come by, too. Just be forewarned, my house is always a mess. But you are always welcome. (And I'd welcome the company.) :)

Rochelle said...


That's a cool goal to have for the new year! And ahem, please don't stop writing about Charlie... sappy stuff... or with the now well-known, very real, love-it-so-much-about-you-Sherah transparency! I mean you need to do what you need to do, but still, I hope you know how much we love you for YOU!!!! :)

Love this post - love you girl - and indeed, let's do it all in 2012, more and better - and all to the glory of God!! :)

Anonymous said...

Time for me to come out of the "lurker" woodwork and announce that I read your blog! One of my New Year resolutions is to comment more often on blogs I read, so here's to meeting goals. Love your combination of life, writing and photography.

-Kara Rapp