Wednesday, March 30, 2011

an album from mypublisher

For our anniversary, I decided to finally get around to ordering a wedding album. We have hundreds of prints from our wedding, and I'd always envisioned making some sort of high-end scrapbook in place of a traditional album... but, given that I can barely get a shower in every day, scrapbooking is currently on the back burner.

ha. ha. ha.

{I really do get a shower in every day. moving on.}

I picked MyPublisher because (1) they were having a sale, (2) I've done albums with them before and loved the way they turned out, and (3) I'm a sucker for good branding:

We went with the leather option, which comes with a cloth sleeve:

I was nervous, going with leather, because I wasn't sure if it would look chintzy or not.

The verdict? Definitely not chintzy ;) Excellent quality, in my {very humble} opinion.

Here are a few of the layouts I threw together, using their software. {It was really, really easy to use, btw, and I'm a huge fan of clean designs with extra whitespace.}

We also opted for the lay-flat pages. It upped the cost significantly... but, like I said, they were running a great sale :) I'm glad we did, too -- It makes the album feel much more "album-y," and less "book-y"... if that makes any sense at all.

I'm super happy with the way this turned out! It's great to have an album to pull out and flip through...

until, you know, I get around to making that scrapbook.


p.s. I've also used Blurb in the past, with excellent results. Their software is also really simple to use, and the quality was superb; they've just got different style options and such.

p.p.s. Has anyone else ever done a DIY album {wedding or other}, or used a different photo book company? I'd love to hear about it...


Cheryl Birkhead said...

I also have done an album with MyPublisher and it is a quality product. I have not tried Blurb yet but will - I want to be able to market and sell and Blurb offers that feature where MyPub. does not. Did you try to sell a book through Blurb?
just curious.
cheryl birkhead

Sherah said...

Hi Cheryl :) Nope -- the album I created with the Blurb software was a gift. I do remember thinking that the fact that Blurb offered that feature might come in handy some day... :)

fletchcrew said...

Sure is great you got your wedding album done before your 20th anniversary! I did mine the old-fashioned DIY scrapbook. And it took that long. I'm ready to get started on Allison's using a creative memories album. I still do paper/scissor scrapbooking because we do ya-ya sisterhood weekends and work on them together.(But I did a digital one for Allison to keep using snapfish because they too had a really good deal going on and she's not too picky!)

PhotoBookGirl said...

Sherah, beautiful photos! I happened to see your book linked from the MyPublisher page. I'm quite obsessed with photo books, so much so I started a blog about a year ago. If you're interested in finding out more about photo book companies (there are a ton out there), I have reviews, deals and tips and stuff on my site. :) Best!

Josie said...

I used my publisher for my diy wedding album and loved it - but I love your leather version even better...NICE!