Monday, March 28, 2011

9 ways to make it to May

Here in the midwest, we just experienced a tiny taste of spring... followed by temps more typical of December than March. I try not to complain about the weather, but this spring, I'm getting antsy. We've got icicles instead of puddles, flurries instead of flowers. My 1-year-old has cabin fever, and I'm getting tired of putting gloves on when I go outside.

So... for a bit of Monday morning entertainment, here are nine things to do while waiting for spring to really arrive:

1. Pretend its October, and you're falling in love {again} with brisk walks on a crisp, blustery afternoon. Bundle up, and take that walk. While you're walking {and freezing}, remember that 80-degree weather is a few short months {weeks, for the optimistic?!} away.

2. Make a "spring cleaning" list. Next, pat yourself on the back because it isn't really "spring" yet, and put the list away for a warmer day. Then, go snuggle up on the couch with a good book.

3. Plan out your garden.

4. Now that everyone has spring fever, go shopping for winter clothes on clearance.

5. Pull out all your cute scarves that you'll miss so much once summer rolls around {right}. Wear one every day, until temperatures break 60-degrees.

6. Have a campfire. Make a mug of steaming hot chocolate. Snuggle under your down comforter. Wear fuzzy socks.

7. Tickled pick with the thought of summer? Jesus compares our anticipation of the signs of summer to the coming of His kingdom. We're supposed to look for the signs, and get excited about it. Summer's coming... and so is the King of kings :) Read Luke 21, and think about it.

8. Scout out a magnolia tree in your neighborhood. Get ready to watch it blossom.

9. And finally... remember how far we've already come since February:

Never fear, friends. Spring is on the way :)


Rochelle said...

I. totally. love. you. !!!!! :) Seriously though, wow, I'm very appreciative today of this list!!! You rock girl!

Sherah said...

Love you too, Roe! Glad you like the list. I had fun making it :)